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MCSTORM.RU is the most powerful minecraft server stresser ever. It is a tool for server owners and hosting companies to test their minecraft servers' bot protection, network protection or stress testing their servers to determine if the CPU/network are sufficient enough to handle bot attacks or large amount of players.

How does minecraft bot attack work?
Minecraft bot attack is a type of application layer (distributed) denial of service attack which target specifically minecraft servers. Minecraft bot attack software opens a lot of TCP connections to the target server and send minecraft handshake and login request (a. k. a. Login Start) packets, which is equivalent to a normal player joining the server (see minecraft protocol documentation). This is performed hundreds of times per second, which causes an unprotected server to be filled with fake players ("bots") and crashed due to CPU/RAM overload. MCSTORM.RU also offers more powerful attacks, which can send hundreds of thousands of bots per second. This causes even well protected servers to be overloaded or even the TCP port to be closed.

Why I cannot crash a server?
The server is using an antibot plugin or other measures to protect itself from bot attacks. You will need more powerful attack to crash a protected server.

Why I cannot crash a server even with paid plan?
A good antibot plugin is sufficient enought for a high-end server to protect itself from bot attacks from our basic network. If you are unable crash a server even with the Premium network, which is powerful enough to crash any minecraft server on a powerful dedicated server, the server is most probably using a network level protection, such as good firewall settings, host-provided DDoS protection, reverse proxy filter or a load balancer.

What is target CPS, opened CPS and accepted CPS?
Target CPS is the amount of connections per second which your plan should open. Opened CPS is the amount of connections per second which were estabilished with the proxy servers used to perform the attack. These connections are redirected to the target server. Accepted CPS is the amount of responses we get from the target server, this is approximately the same number as you typically see on your antibot CPS counter.

Why do I get less accepted CPS than I should?
The server is probably using a network level protecion, such as firewall, host-provided DDoS protection or it is simply unable to handle more connections.

Can I share my user account?
No. It is strictly prohibited to share your user account with anyone else. If our anti-account-sharing system detect that you are sharing your account, it will be terminated without refund.

My server got attacked by bots with names containing MCSTORM_NET
This does not mean someone used our website to attack your server. Anyone could have downloaded a minecraft botter from the internet (even leaked version of our botter with MCSTORM_NET in the names of the bots) and attacked your server. We cannot do anything about this.

Can you tell me who attacked my server?
No. We do not keep any logs of user activity. We cannot provide you with something we do not have.

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