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By using MCSTROM.RU you automatically agree with these Terms of Service. If you do not agree with these Terms of Service, you are not allowed to register an account and use our services. Violation of the Terms of Service can lead to suspension of your account without refund.

You are not allowed to perform stress tests on any target if you do not have the consent from it's owner. You are solely responsible for every action you perform while using our services and for any damage you can cause using MCSTORM.RU

You are responsible for keeping your account credentials private, account sharing is strictly disallowed. You are not allowed to create multiple user accounts. Sharing your account will result in instant account termination without refund.

All purchases are final and cannot be refunded. If you are paying with PayPal, it is required to send the payment as "Family and Friends" (Sending to a friend/Sending to someone you know). Goods and Services payments will be rejected. In case of account termination due to Terms of Service violation purchased plan will be removed without refund.

Paid plan will on average through the whole duration of the attack open at least 50% of the advertised amount of connections (CPS) to the target server, but it is expected for some connections to be dropped before reaching the target server. This can be caused for example by firewalls, DDoS protection, etc... In case of a CPS issue (outgoing connections per second from our servers) lasting longer than one day, plan will be prolonged the amount of days the problem persisted. It is NOT guaranteed that any stress test will be successful and it is NOT guaranteed that it will satisfy your needs.

We take user privacy very seriously. We do not keep any logs of user activity. Your IP address can be logged, but it is not associated with your user account. Servers you save are stored encrypted and even we cannot access them without decryption key, which only you know.

Information we store:

Your data can be stored by third parties: Google (analytics, youtube), Tidio (live chat), CloudFlare (CDN), Sellix (purchases).

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